Multi-Channel Marketing That Brings the Heat


In the fast-paced, modern world that we live in, there are numerous ways in which brands can communicate with their current and potential customers, and it is understanding the importance of both that makes a successful brand. In order to impress both potential and current clients, your business will need to place a considerable amount of focus on multiple marketing channels, from stationary to social media.

Initial Branding

It may come as no surprise that establishing your brand is the very first step, but it is the importance of this stage that must be brought to light. Many companies forget about this due to the fact that digital marketing has taken preference over the last several years.

Your initial stages of branding, from your company logo to stationery, are essentially going to be the ones that help determine your brand’s direction and how it will be perceived by your audience. It is what separates the ambitious, detail oriented companies from the ones that overlook the small things. Click here to view a full list of branding and design options for your company.

Print Advertising

While the world may be going digital, there is no doubt that print advertising can still act as a viable and successful way to approach and attract your target audience. Print media actually has a unique capability whereby it triggers a number of senses, from feeling the paper to the smell of the ink that wafts in the air as you do.

What’s more, being able to physically hold something in their hands allows an audience to connect with it on a more personal level due to the fact that they can see that it is, in fact, real. Passionate about design and attention to detail, we offer a comprehensive list of print media services that are guaranteed to catapult your business to success. Click here to view them.

Website Design and Development

It is said that the average adult will use four and a half devices to access the internet, which makes it exceptionally clear just how much online marketing can benefit your brand. If your business does not have a website, it is safe to say that you are missing out on one of the most effective means to communicate in 2017. This cost-effective, convenient form of branding is accessible 24 hours a day. At Chilli Source Design we offer both website design and development services and would love to hear from you should you need a website.

Social Media

Though many people know of the power of social media in today’s society, they are unaware of just how beneficial it can be when used as a platform to promote both your brand and the service it provides. With consumers feeling an even bigger gap in brand-to-consumer communication, online social media provides a direct line, where existing or potential buyers are completely considered and constantly heard.

Thus, with a decent amount of research and a healthy dose of conceptual thinking, something like Facebook can transform from the exasperating page informing you of your high school friend’s baby’s first step, to an informative and engaging point of sale for your business.

Outdoor and Ambient

Constantly on the search for the next best thing, society has managed to produce a lot of great content in the marketing world over the years. It is for this reason that exploring options outside of the norm proves to be a good idea for just about any brand.

Car signage, billboards and even flyers can considerable boost your brand’s awareness, but better yet can improve your brand’s engagement with their target market. Outdoor advertising essentially has the ability to deliver a relevant message to an exceptionally large number of people and strategically place your brand’s message. Click here to utilise this effective way to build your brand’s visibility.

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