Helping Others Makes us Happy

Our chosen retirement home is the MOTHs and we once again got the residents’ Christmas Wish List, and shopped ‘till we dropped to get every gentleman and lady the modest gifts they asked for. Marie asked for a wallet, Louisa wanted wool. Lionel wished for a box of biscuits and Dave and Dora Denbeigh humbly asked for Omo washing powder and Aero chocolate.

We Are Wired for Happiness

Putting on our red Santa hats and handing out the gifts to the golden oldies was a special gift in itself indeed. It also gave us a much welcome pause to reflect on how good it feels to do good. Isn’t it wonderful that we are genetically wired to get happy when we bring joy to others? Here’s why…

  •      Human beings are inherently social species, it is because we take care of one another that we have survived and thrived through centuries.
  •      Because we process moral decisions in the same way no matter where in the world we’re from, altruism is hardwired in our brains.
  •      Being nice triggers happy chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin in our brains.

Whether you go visit retired folk, take shelter animals for a walk or bake some chocolate brownies for first responders, go on and do something good – you know it will make your heart happy.


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

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